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We Have You Surrounded (2012)

Everyday we move through the world blind to the beauty and magic of the mundane. We spend time interacting with objects, spaces, and people that we no longer see. They are so familiar to us that they have become invisible. We no longer question their existence; they are always there, they are always the same, we can always buy more. Daily Manipulations: The Secrets Lives of Invisible Objects is an interactive sensory experience designed to entice a rediscovery or re-imagining of our relationship with everyday artifacts, making them visible to us again.

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The installation comprises a series of rooms, starting in a rustic general store a succession of doors lead through three different environments, each designed to draw attention to the secret lives of our invisible objects, in different ways.

This project was conceived as a 2012 Flux Festival proposal in collaboration with Jerushia Graham, Chris Rumery, Justin Rabideau, and with support from The Creatives Project, MASS Collective and The Goat Farm Arts Center