Making-of: We Have You Surrounded

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Flux Proposal Development: WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED

Video: Do This, Not That (working title)

Room 1) Interactive corner store:

Room 2) Skyscrapers:

Room 3) Giant marionette:

Room 4) Waste Jungle:

Mock-up of interactive store piece:


Initial Sketches for Flux Proposal

Wall of interactive curiosities

Sketch of hanging textile sensors and wall of interactive curiosities:

Close-up of mechanized box curiosities:
Example: a box with two spools of thread, one old, one new with thread winding from one to the other and back…

Draws of curiosities


Cabinet of curiosities



Cranky and Plucky


Arthur Ganson’s work

More photos and videos of Arthur Ganson exhibit >>

Rob Seward’s mechanized light words

Video >>

Theo Jansen’s Strandbiests


Ernesto Neto’s textile architecture with pouches of spices


Corral reef crochet


Sensors and Actuators

Crochet pressure sensor >>
Felted pompom pressure sensor >>
Knit stretch sensor >>

Felted squeeze sensor mapped to sound

Knit stretch sensor mapped to a servo motor

Fabric speakers

Thermochromic paint examples

Textile sensor demos