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Kein Gedankenloser Transport (2006)

A set of three interactive visualizations, created to arouse an interest in the concept of transportation, leading to a more thoughtful sense for mobility.

Project website >> Kein Gedankenloser Transport

These animations can be seen as illustrations, wishing to raise conversation and interaction in the act of being mobile. Conceived to be shown on the increasing number screens emerging in public transport stations, bus stops, alongside the pavement, waiting rooms and restrooms, parks, librarys…
These interactive applets run in real-time so that they can be connected to live data such as the passing of pedestrians or current traffic statistics. They were created using Processing.

Our actions within public spaces today no longer seize the opportunity to communicate and interact, instead we consume and commute. Although public space offers us this chance to share, debate and reflect our opinions and ideas, only few of us do.

Public space has become an anonymous space where we distance ourselves from our surrounding. Our homes are much more comfortable platforms from which to immerse in public debate and social interaction via the internet and various digital media. These new forms of communication are replacing The Street as an opportunity for exchange.




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This work was exhibited at the Forum Produktdesign “Zukunft made in Solingen” in Solingen, Germany. It was also published in the exhibition catalog. An interactive version of the work was installed at the Interface Cultures exhibition during Ars Electronica 2006 in Linz, Austria. The website Kein Gedankenloser Transport was awarded an honorary mention at the Marianne von Willemer Netz Kunst Preis 2006 in Linz, Austria