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Pressure Sensor/Matrix Kit (2010)

Using neoprene, Velostat, conductive thread and stretch conductive fabric to construct a fabric bend sensor.
Velostat is a piezoresistive plastic film that reacts to pressure with a decrease in resistance. This sensor can be constructed to be a single pressure sensor or a pressure sensor matrix comprising four seperate sensors.

Materials included:

– stretch conductive fabric >>
– above comes with fusible iron-on adhesive backing from local fabric shop
– Velostat >>
– silverized nylon thread 117/17 2ply >>
– 1.5mm thick HS quality neoprene >> or

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>> Pressure Sensor Instructable
>> Pressure Sensor Matrix Instructable
>> Flickr photo set
>> Download Instruction PDF

Here is an example of a basic circuit sewn with conductive thread that uses the neoprene pressure sensor to turn an LED light on and make it shine brighter, the harder it is pressed.

Step-by-step instructions

Materials and tools included and additional materials and tools required

Front and back

Download editable sensor kit instructions >>