ohmHook v.II (2016)

The ohmHook is crochet hook mounted on a circuitboard which measures the electrical resistance between the crochet hook and a crocodile clip connected to the opposite end of the tool handle. The resistance is displayed as the 10 bit reading of the microcontroller’s analog-to-digital converter.

Having the ability to sense electrical propeties of a material as you are manipulating it can allow you to explore it’s potential for creating electronics. Highly conductive materials make good connectors between physically distant electronic parts. Materials with stable electrical resistance can be used to detect location of contact on their surface. Materials with varirable resistance often respond to forces such as stretch, pressure, bend and twist with a change in resistance, and can be used to sense a large variety of physical interactions.
The ohmHook does not have to be used for crochet. Use it to probe and explore all kinds of materials, and to invent new ways of building electronics.

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