Hacking The Wild

Hacking The Wild: Madagascar Andrew Quitmeyer and I will join Brian Fisher and his Malagasy field team on an expedition to collect ants in Southern Madagascar. We are looking for…

The Gloves Project

A pair of gloves for musician Imogen Heap.


Used to adorn the edges of traditional headscarves, Turkish needle point lace (İğne Oyası) has a history of symbolism. The various motifs carry meanings which are used for non-verbal communication….

Stulpe Circuit

Working with Katharina Bredies to create an improved circuit to go with the CTS Therapy Gauntlet. The documentation in this post is organized from top to bottom, with the beginning…

I like to ride my bicycle…

Realized during a Trafo Pop workshop, this jacket’s circle of RGB LEDs can be individually addressed to create all kinds of circular animations. Plus the range of sensors that can…

for Paula

A gift for a friend from KOBAKANT. Made using the DressCode circuit.

E-Textile Swatchbook Exchange

The E-Textile Swatch Exchange takes place every year since 2013 as part of the 2013 E-Textile Summercamp in Paillard, France. >> Swatchbook Exchange Website Everybody participating in the exchange is…

Wish Lab

Factory for Handmade Technologies. When mass-production fails us, Wish Lab offers an alternative by specializing in the production of custom electronics that are handmade by a skilled team of artists,…

for Charlotte

A gift for a friend.

Involving the Machines

Involving the Machines is a research project exploring semi-automated collaborations between man and machine towards the production of woven conductive fabrics. It resulted in a collection of conductive fabrics which,…

Textile Sensor Demos II

2012 This new collection of textile sensor demos includes the Fabric Pushbutton, the Beaded Tilt Sensor, the Knit Stretch Sensor, the Felted Pompom Pressure Sensor, the Neoprene Bend Sensor and…

Electricity Has Expensive Taste

2012 Electricity loves precious metals, gold necklaces, silver earrings and diamond rings.

The Crying Dress

2012 The first in a series of Exquisite Electronics commissions.

Component Stories

2012 The first in a series of dioramas depicting electronic components, their personalities, stories and relationships.

Lunch on the Farm Menu

2012 Interactive lunch menu embroidered on dishcloth for chef Dave Sturgis’ Lunch on the Farm.

Liberated Circuits

2012 work in progress… Why do we only ever open up our black-boxed electronics when they stop working? So long as things function as they should, we rarely peek inside….

Rua’s Awakening

2012 A set of props developed for the theater production Rua|Wülf by SAÏAH, includes a pulsating LED cape worn by Rua (Little Red Riding Hood), a bed of pulsating LED…

We Have You Surrounded

2012 Flux Festival Proposal (not accepted) Everyday we move through the world blind to the beauty and magic of the mundane. We spend time interacting with objects, spaces, and people…

Component Paintings

2011-2012 Drawings of electronic components in various scenes and scenarios.

Hard vs. Soft

2011 A series of examples depicting crafted electronics alongside their standardized commercial counterparts.

Penguin Interface

2011 Commissioned by Emota.net, this soft toy penguin has fabric pressure, bend and stroke sensors integrated into its design. It also contains LED lights, speakers and vibration motors that allow…

rSkin – Open Source Robot Skin

2011 Commissioned by Ian Danforth, this textile skin is designed to stretch over a robotic limb in order to detect intensity of pressure as well as location of contact across…

Tools for E-Textile Techniques

2011 A set of tools designed to support a variety of e-textile techniques such as sewing, knitting and crocheting with conductive threads and yarns.

It works!

2011 It works! is a performative piece that demonstrates the past, present and future craft practice of creating Electronics Textiles. The work is the result of group discussions about the…

A Kit-of-No-Parts

2010-2011 Recipes for materially diverse, functionally transparent and expressive electronics. The Kit-of-No-Parts proposes a new style of building electronics, an approach to working with a diverse palette of materials to…


2011 A pair of headphones made from seashells. The limpet seashells are plated with conductive coils wrapping around their in and outsides. The coils were first painted with conductive silver…

Textile Sensor Demos

2011 This collection of textile sensor demos includes the Tufted Stroke Sensor, the Beaded Tilt Sensor, the Knit Stretch Sensor, the Felted PomPom Pressure Sensor, the Neoprene Bend Sensor and…

The Conversation

2011 The Conversation is a poster that performs. The poster is coated in a layer of theromochromic ink, dulling it’s originally distinct colours. On the back of the poster a…

Skimboard Interface

2011 The Skimboard Interface is a custom interface built for the game Surf RMB City by artist Cao Fei. The interface was commissioned by the Museum of the Moving Image…

Box of Electronic Chocolates

2010 Made as a thank you gift for attending the MIT Media Lab’s 25th anniversary celebration. This chocolate box of electronics contains a selection of unusual materials for making circuits….

Squishiness of Sound

2010 Composed sounds for squishy objects. A series of knit, crocheted and felted objects that possess different tactile qualities. Handling the objects by squishing them allows you to explore their…

Sheep Lights

2010 Sheep lights with different behaviors.

Tilt Sensing Quilt

2009-2010 This quilt is made up of an array of 41 textile tilt sensors. Each sensor demonstrates a unique construction variation, showcasing different materials and techniques that can be used…

Motion-Capture Costumes for Stuffed Animals

2010 Textile sensor and camera vision motion-capture technology for stuffed animals.

Transparent Technology

2010 If you’ve ever opened up an electronic device then you’ll know all about the secret life of cows. Transparent technology is about re-designing technology to better expose this universe…

Mouse in a Hole

2010 Put your finger in the hole and move it around to control your mouse cursor. Reach for the button at the bottom of the hole to left click. Smile.

Eight Steps

2010 Eight Steps depicts the making-of a wearable instrument. Based on a series of workshops that focus on unveiling the black box of technology in order to demonstrate how everyday…

Painted Paper Circuits

2010 A collection of circuits made by painting conductive copper paint on paper. This technique is documented in detail on the High-Low Tech website.

Push Button

2010 “You press the button, we do the rest” This slogan, used to sell Kodak cameras is defining of the anticipation that, if we press a button, something will happen.

Knitting, hacking, hanging, sound

2010 A day-long workshop during which participants can come and go, contributing to knitting textile composite objects, furniture and installations.

Button Pressing Device

2009 This device was made during the one-day Scrapyard Challenge workshop at Refunct during ISEA 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.


14-24 January 2010 Realized as part of the ten day SCU+MIT workshop in Taipei, Taiwan. A collaboration between Shih Chien University and MIT Architecture and Media Lab departments

How To Make (almost) Anything

2009 Series of projects realized in Neil Gershenfeld’s How To Make (almost) Anything course.

Cloning Sheep

2010 How to clone a willing sheep. First of all you need a volunteer sheep with good intentions, who will not mind to be cloned and reproduced multiple times. In…

Tilt, Time and Stretch Sensing Bracelets

2009 A series of three bracelets that sense various interactions and give feedback.

Limpet Pushbuttons

2009 These Limpet Pushbuttons combine seashells and electronics, by dissecting existing electronic gadgets, extracting their functionality and squeezing it into a seashell.

Perfect Human

2008-2010 This performance intends to create a sixth obstruction of Joergen Leth’s short film The Perfect Human by introducing aspects of the Language Game.

Language Game

2008 The performer, wearing the custom designed soft sensor suit, puppeteers Lemur’s musical robots. As the performer begins to experiment with the system’s potential, her dance becomes both action and…


2008 A pair of slippers for drawing, playing games and exploring alternative input.

Cows in the field

2006 Using electric shock for interaction.

Something to Stare At

2006 An floral pattern abstracted from prominent landmarks around the city of Linz, painted on the ceiling of a hotel room.

Kein Gedankenloser Transport

2006 A set of three interactive visualizations, created to arouse an interest in the concept of transportation, leading to a more thoughtful sense for mobility.

Through my jumper

2005 When thinking about putting on my jumper this scene appears in my head, repeating itself endlessly. This animation was first realized as a flick-book for the Daumenkino Festival 2005…


2007 The Puppeteer motion-capture costume allows the performer to puppeteer a virtual representation of herself as part of a real time puppet play.

Massage me

2006 A wearable interface that channels a video game player’s excess kinetic energy into a back massage for an innocent bystander.

Clothing that arranges the body

2006 We carry our gadgets with us and become systems of sorts. Our bodies become storage boxes, showcases, and extensions of digital data we accumulate.

Motorized Pattern

2006 This wallpaper pattern was created by disassembling, abstracting and alienating the individual parts of a motorcycle.


2005 Tangible navigation using camera-vision and real food products.


2004 Sculpture inspired by how a block of clay would be affected, should a steel ball shoot right though it.

Cornering Light

2007 A handwritten projection. An acrylic prototype (height 115cm) of what should be a pyramid made of a single sheet clear float glass which has partly been layered with opaque…

My Weimar Room

2007 A small scale model, using a wide-angle camera lens to capture the four walls and floor of my bedroom in Weimar. The model is buried underground with only a…

Praegnante Form

Flickr set >> http://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/sets/72157603802919957/with/2253314656/

Mensch und Computer

2005 Highlighting the Mensch und Computer Konferenz 2005 theme of Art and Science – Interactive Encounters, the following six poster designs visually merge and entangle electronic and human symbols of…