Game Residency (2019)

In April 2019 I was the first resident at a new Game Residency in Glöwen (1h north of Berlin) for “people who otherwise wouldn’t make games”. One month was too short to finish my game, but I managed to develop a sense for the games I enjoy playing myself, as well as the beginning of an idea for a game that goes:
“Every project begins with a walk in the woods, hunting material, gathering ideas…”

Residency photos >>
Headless Pin photos >>

Photos of my work-places in Glöwen: the woods and the studio.

The Story

every project starts with a walk in the woods
when you set out to make something, you wander out into the woods
hunting ideas, gathering material

The collider for the branches:

I am hard, yet brittle
when you pierce me violently, I fall to pieces
that feels good

The materials inside the branches:

abstract material
endlessly reconfigurable


the tool enters your body
a new perspective

The x-ray and the collision image:

Close-up of the pins ganging up inside the hand:


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