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Through my jumper (2005)

When thinking about putting on my jumper this scene appears in my head, repeating itself endlessly. This animation was first realized as a flick-book for the Daumenkino Festival 2005 in Linz, Austria. Thereafter it was made into a one minute short film.

This scene plays in my head when I imagine putting on my jumper but then pulling it all the way down to my ankles and stepping out of it like a pair of pants and repeating the action round and round in circles. I created this short animation to visualize what I see.


When editing the drawings of the animation I noticed that I could give the jumper a pattern by filling it with content from the preceding image. This way, the jumper works as a sort of window into the past.

Selection of images from animation

Animation video


To make the flickbook I had the sketches developed as photos, emphasizing the fact that they were inspired by pictures of my imagination. The photos are bound together by two screws that are mounted through an old handle that I found on the street.

Front and back of flickbook

Details of flickbook

Flickbook video (3:4)

Flickbook video (4:9)

More pictures on Flickr

>> through my jumper Flickr set

The flickbook was first shown in June 2005 at the Daumenkinofestival in Linz, where is was voted to be among the favorite three. In September 2005 the animation was shown at the WOLKE7 shortfilmfestival in Vienna, where it won second place. In March 2006 is was aired at the Frauen Film Fest in Linz, Austria