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NO screens (2020)

from SPACE to SPACE with NO screens

Born out of the social distancing restrictions we are practicing to delay the spread of the corona virus, this hands-on workshop-turned board-game, is an attempt to teach via a minimum of video-call screen-time and a maximum of working “alone” with the materials of electronics. Kits are distributed to all participants and a game board leads through the week. But, not only is the tool-set of this workshop shaped by the current situation, the workshop content itself is looking to explore different ways of creating social connections and experiences over distance.


The Boardgame as Remote Teaching Tool?
I wrote about my process of turning a workshop about networked spaces, titled “From Space to Space”, into a boardgame.

Workshop page:


NO screens:



We will use network technology to SEND MESSAGES over the internet. On either end of this digital connection we are going to imagine and prototype devices that TRANSLATE these electrically encoded messages into analog/physical/material INTERACTIONS and ACTIONS.

Basically we will use SENSORS to capture and translate our physical bodily interactions with the world into electronic signals. Use arduino to translate these analog signals into digital messages. Encode these messages in the MQTT PROTOCOL and make use of the amazing network infrastructure that is THE INTERNET to PUBLISH these messages to a BROKER so others can SUBSCRIBE to them, translate them back into into physical actions by means of electronic ACTUATORS.

What is it that we will sense&&send and then receive&do with this technical setup?
This will be the most fun, experimental and challenging part of the workshop. In order to explore, we will prototype our ideas so that we can observe first-hand the kinds of social experiences we have through the network.

space to space workshop prep

#noscreens is a provocation to get us thinking beyond the visual ways we so readily communicate over networks these days.