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A Kit-of-No-Parts (2011)

Recipes for materially diverse, functionally transparent and expressive electronics. The Kit-of-No-Parts proposes a new style of building electronics, an approach to working with a diverse palette of materials to build electronics outside the constraints of standardized components.

A Kit-of-No-Parts is documented in different formats:
>> Download Thesis
>> Visit Website
>> A Wall of Examples (see bellow)
>> A Collection of Samples (see bellow)
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>> Download Poster
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Thesis >> http://www.plusea.at/downloads/print/KoNP-thesis_sm.pdf


The Kit-of-No-Parts website is aimed at demonstrating the results of this approach. By showing examples of electronic circuitry and components built from a diverse range of craft materials and techniques, I hope to illustrate the material diversity and unique results that it enables. By posting detailed information how these examples were made, I hope to provide relevant resources as well as to encourage others to explore new ways of building electronics.

Website >> http://konp.plusea.at/

Wall of Examples

The following physical examples can be displayed as wall hung panels as shown in the following image.

Carved Traces

Carved Pixels

Cast Traces

Etched Traces

Gilded Traces

Lasercut Circuit

Painted and Plated Circuit

Linocut and Printed Traces

Sculpted and Placed Circuit

Paper Speakers

Seashell Speakers

Screen-printed Traces

Vinylcut Traces

Sculpted Motor

Collection of Samples

Photo Book

>> Download Photobook
>> Order Photobook


>> Download Poster

Flickr Photo Set

This work was created during graduate studies in the High-Low Tech Research group.