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Tilt, Time and Stretch Sensing Bracelets (2009)

A series of three bracelets that sense various interactions and give feedback.

Tilt Sensing Bracelet

A bracelet decorated with six conductive fabric petals and a row of beads with a metal bead on the end, makes for a simple six point tilt detection.

It is also designed so that the metal bead will make contact with two petals if it lies in between. and then of course it will make no contact when it is in the air due to throw or tipped upside-down.

>> Instructable

This video shows the Tilt Sensing Bracelet together with a feedback bracelet. They are directly connected and the electrical connection made by the bead tilt sensor closes the power circuit for the LEDs mounted on the feedback bracelet. Just a simple way of showing how it works without using a screen.


Time Sensing Bracelet

The Time Sensing Bracelet is a fabric potentiometer. You select your desired time of day by making contact in the corresponding position on your wrist – where your watch would normally be.

>> Instructable


Stretch Sensing Bracelet

Knit from conductive thread, resistive yarn and regular yarn. This bracelet is off when you wear it and does not light up until you stretch it.

Light and power


Making of



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