FSR Gloves II (2013)

green/purple cables = FSRs

FSR specs:
– 8mm diameter
– resistance range: 1M Ohm – 2.5K Ohm
>> http://www.segor.de/#Q=FSR-400&M=1
>> https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9673

Final Video:

Graph from video:


!Little finger FSR in left glove is broken. As far as i can tell there must be some damage with the connection between the printed circuit on the plastic of the sensor and the metal part that is crimped on.

Opening the gloves all the way and taking out the foam:

Wiring FSRs in parallel and sewing a pouch for all 4 sensors to sit in:

Wiring the FSRs in series did not work so i re-wired them in parallel

Series vs. parallel:

Inserting parallel wired FSRs into glove:

Video of single FST:

Video of 4 FSRs in parallel: