Awakening Cape (2012)

Lights in Rua’s cape light up gradually and grow brighter as she becomes more aroused. Then they die down as she recalls her mother.

Rua will have to trigger the lights on her cape, once to indicate the arousal cycle, and then again once she has come, to start dimming the lights. her cape could have a tie or clasp on it that she opens/closes naturally as part of the scene and also works as a trigger event.
another idea would be to have a pressure sensor attached to rua’s cape, so that the harder she squeezes the more arousal she indicates. the pressure sensor could be flat and in the hem of the cape, or it could be something like this pompom pressure sensor >>
(to simplify things, one idea i had was that the lights in rua’s cape don’t light up individually, but rather pulse (dim and brighten) together, and the flowers surrounding her are the lights that light up individually.)

Fabric circuit with software PWM on ATtiny85 – meaning that the chip can do five PWM outputs:

Different ways of attaching LEDs to fabric:

Testing how to embed RGB LEDs in fabric: