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My Phone (2014)

After loosing my phone, I am now switching to using Dave’s DIY Cellphone! My number stays the same, and so far so good. My intention is to use this post to document the process of the phone becoming mine.


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Notes for improvements…

– have analog counter for number of unread messages (turning bead with numbers written on it)
– much longer battery life

Notes on use…

– does not store SMS
– does not let me read last line of sms
– does not show phone entries for calling numbers or sms
– not very loud ring melody (possibly because no case/resonant body)
– makes no sound when receives sms
– display is shit
– no indication of battery level
– battery life is roughly 1 day, just on (locked), no calling or sms
– time and date not saved if battery dies

Making a leather case…