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fermenting in my head (2018)

(a text composed of things said during PIFcamp 2018)

europe is at peace here
i’m going to need to add wine to the stew
we should have our own ali express and sell our sinuses to china

we are sensors
squeeze, we need to squeeze
maybe there was another civilization before…

do you want to solder one?
yeah, yeah, yeah

i’m in love with machines but i’m fighting with it,
because what does it have to do with people

whatever is bitter is calming

you exhale all your breath and then we go in the water
the cold water helps the oxygen to go into every cell
every lazy cell

3D printing is all about making fast objects
ephimeral sculptures that grow

i’m not talking about the global dumpling
planetairy dumpings, every culture has their own fillings
food, a medium for understanding how we make sense of the world

sedimentation, fermentations, destillation
i thought they were green last night

observe what is happening right now
on the toilet, the seat keeps falling down
common sense

there’s an elegance to a circuit having minmal components
maybe the stop button can be added afterwards, this is just reset
i really like that machines run on electricity

psychoactive plants of the northern hemosphere are more demanding
i always imagine jumping into the other wall and bouncing off
the effect is more pleasant than the first one

can i have some of your thyme?

while downloading the plan we listen to radioactivity
it was really custom toys in russia, burning plastic bags and dripping
fermenting knowledge, to preserve it and make it more digestable

where does the abuse start?
power in the hands of a giant company
it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice

knowledge is value
i just want to enjoy

soca souvenier
made by an artisan 3D printer
we created something that will be here for at least 100 000 years

tina, tina, what’s up?
we have a plan
next year we will sell out sinuses to china

i still have to shave