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A performative process in 4 acts.

As soon as you begin to read these words, the performance will begin to unfold in front of your eyes and your ears. Pay attention to all that is happening around you: people are selecting components, picking plants, unscrewing things, soldering resistors, cutting nails, threading needles, taking notes, stirring soup, measuring voltage, probing continuity, making mistakes, slicing bread, turning knobs, pushing keys, making music, sipping drinks and flushing toilets.

As you become aware of all that is happening around you, you are bearing witness to the performance that is MAKING.

Take a moment to examine your own hands. These fleshy machines that do exactly what you think. What would life be like without them?

This performance is about appreciating our human ability to make, in which our hands play a leading role. In order to shine a spotlight on them in action, participants will build sensors to sense their hands making, and feed this information back to themselves as sound.

Listen closely throughout the whole week for the sounds of our hands making and manipulating our world.

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Sense Yourself Making