The Headless Pin (2019)

This is work-in-progress documentation. In April 2019 I was resident at a Game Residency in Glöwen (1h north of Berlin) for “people who otherwise wouldn’t make games”.

every project begins with a walk in the woods
hunting material
gathering ideas


Photos of my work-places in Glöwen: the woods and the studio.

The Story

every project starts with a walk in the woods
when you set out to make something, you wander out into the woods
hunting ideas, gathering material

what would your friends think if they knew you were under the influence?
that your hunting is a following along, that your gathering is pattern recognition

you move around inside the material
your body is sharp
you penetrate
you are drawn to that which is familiar
the materials you select
you select for a reason

take a moment to consider
your selection is far from arbitrary, it is highly informed

you wander through the woods, attracted
to familiar sensations
to patterns
to where you have been before

observe yourself selecting the materials you choose
why do you choose this one and not that one?

everything you encounter becomes part of you
you become part everything you encounter
we gather and are gathered

the materials you collect, they follow you
and maybe they daunt you, tease you, weigh you down
and you follow them

The collider for the branches:

I am hard, yet brittle
when you pierce me violently, I fall to pieces
that feels good

The materials inside the branches:

THOUGHT. abstract material. endlessly reconfigurable?


AN ACCIDENT. the tool enters your body. a new perspective?

The x-ray and the collision image:

Close-up of the pins ganging up inside the hand:



Anatomy of A Pin - the headless pin

Anatomy of A Pin - the headless pin


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