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Their sequence depends on a bewildering number of factors (2016)

The following specimens were collected during a 4-month expedition through Autodesk Pier 9‘s CAD/CAM software packages, CNC work-flows and machine shop.

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All italic text on this page was taken from the Autodesk machine shop basic use manuals, the CNC pathway handbook and the Voxel8 support documentation.

make a mistake
leave the machine
depress the “IN” button with your thumb
the tool advances into the material
the needle is capable of going through your finger
this can and does happen
do not attempt to engage others
if they refuse, accept it graciously
if in doubt, press the button
there are many ways to do moth things
knowing that ignorance can hurt you is essential to cultivating an attitude
detect contact with conductive materials – like a finger
pull the pin only if you’ve committed
the tool path can vary from the theoretically perfect path
insert pin through the locating hole in the stock
parts are not just visual aids, they are structural components
impossible to manufacture
almost anything can be machined
use your hands
NEVER hold work with your hands
foreign material on the outside
feel around the inside
initiated by the operator by pushing a button
control the tip of the tool
accommodate a wide range of materials
using the simulator is not as realistic
repeat the process until you have three or four
make sure your material is sewable
what you don’t know can hurt you