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Hoodie Circuit (2014)

Working with Sara Diaz and Katharina Bredies to create a hood that has knit speakers integrated in the ear areas of the hood, a Bluetooth module for wireless audio and Jussi Mikkonen’s wireless power module for charging.


>> Sound Hoodie
>> Sound Headband
>> Flickr set

Wireless Charging…

Wireless power >>
Video >>



Circuit Breakouts (flex and fabric)

Circuit dimensions, outline on tracking paper and scan of final circuit with conductive fabric pads for snaps:

Illustrator layout of fabric PCB, with flex breakout and with all layers:

Top: hacked circuit, Bottom: flex circuit as breakout to fabric breakout

Three layers of flex breakout pcb of hacked circuit to fabric circuit:
– copper with snaps
– double sided tape as mask
– snaps and solder connections showing/poking through to other side


– solder connections from copper on flex circuit to hacked circuit
– sewing from conductive thread to snaps on fabric breakout board
– snaps that connect between flex breakout and fabric breakout

Front and back of fabric breakout:

Front and back of hacked circuit with flex breakout board:

Layers of the Knit Design


Taking apart the Bluetooth Speakers