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Bitlace (2014)

Used to adorn the edges of traditional headscarves, Turkish needle point lace (İğne Oyası) has a history of symbolism. The various motifs carry meanings which are used for non-verbal communication. For example an unhappy bride who chooses pepper spice for her crown is declaring the marriage doomed from the start, but if she chooses red pepper, she indicates her relationship is spicy and red hot!

Bitlace are needle lace motifs that incorporate digital electronics to carry meanings of their own.

for Richard (FOMO)

The name of the motif “for Richard” remains from the relationship within which it was first gifted. Richard’s girlfriend began decorating the hems of his shirt pocket with this Bitlace motif. Friends and family were fascinated by the needlework, and when pressed for her motivations, his girlfriend confessed to them her wish that Richard spend less time keeping up with the world through his devices.

Message: The motif, when applied to one’s own attire is interpreted as a desire to regain control over the technologies one relies on in everyday life. This person might be stressed, overworked or simply overwhelmed by the amount of unread emails in their inbox. When gifted to a close friend or relative, this motif can be read by the recipient as a subtle hint to look up from their smart phone, disengage from the network, and arrive at a style of communication that is more tangible and local.
Motif: a mountain with something hidden on the other side. the person who is scared of missing out can not resist to see what it is on the other side and touching it causes one bit of digital memory to flip state. the circuit of the motif represents one bit of digital memory, depicting the simplicity behind modern forms of communication, zero/one, on/off.
Circuit: The motif “for Richard” represents one bit of digital memory, depicting the simplicity behind modern forms of communication, zero/one, on/off.

>> Bitlace for Richard Swatch Page

Circuit and schematic:


Flipside Flip-Dot

Message: Look on the bright side
Two sided coin
Circuit: Diode motor/flipdot

Flipside flip-dotFlipside flip-dot

Circuit and schematic:

It Takes Two To Tango

Message: Suggests that it takes two willing people to commit an infidelity, not just one
Motifs: Rabbit ears, flower and bee, stick and hole, male/female….
Circuit: Tilt sensor contact switches with vibration motor feedback

It takes two to tangoIt takes two to tango

Circuit and schematic:

for Andy (Digital Naturalism)

Message: Nature and digital culture don’t clash, they can live side by side in perfect harmony
Motifs: Something with both natural and digital materials/elements/parts
Circuit: Non-functional electronics

Don’t Resist (Change)

Message: Be open to things happening. don’t be so uptight. relax.
Motifs: Open vessels, windows, doors, stretches of grass that change colour…
Circuit: Resistor with thermochromic colour change, or high resistor that decreases in resistance when pressured (led becomes brighter…)

Reminders To Self

Message: Placeholders for messages one wants to remind oneself of every time one interacts with them. they are functional electronic elements that are not hooked up to a circuit. interacting with them does not have any electrical effect – the trigger happens in you.
Motifs: Contact switches and resistive sensors without functioning circuitry

Don’t Panic

Message: Don’t panic, relax
Motifs: Big red pushbutton that does nothing (or does something…)
Circuit: Could light up red LED or sound alarm