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Silent Pillow Speaker KIT (2013)

From this kit you can make a pillow that plays back a custom melody of your choice to the person resting their head on the pillow. The kit uses an ATtiny microcontroller (programmed using arduino!) to playback a melody every time a head is laid on the pillow. The speaker is embroidered with conductive directly onto the surface of the pillow. A magnet is mounted directly behind the coil, inside the pillow is a knit pressure sensor that detects when a head is resting on it, and on the back of the pillow the microcontroller and 3V coin cell battery are attached.


>> Silent Pillow Speaker KIT
>> Silent Pillow Speaker instructions
>> Download booklet PDF (single-sided for screen viewing)
>> Download booklet PDF (double-sided for print)
>> Instructable (coming soon…)

The circuit in this example does not use any form of amplification, so the speaker is very silent and can only be heard by the person whose ear is resting on the pillow.

Video of the pillow (with pre-recorded audio):

Materials and Tools

Materials included in the kit: ATtiny microcontroller (45 or 85), coin-cell battery, magnet(s), conductive thread, knit sensor, fabric, neoprene, fusible interfacing and an instruction booklet.

Additional materials and tools you will need to complete the kit: regular sewing thread, stuffing, scissors, sewing needles, iron, soldering iron, tweezers and a sewing machine (though you can also sew the pillow together by hand).