Related Work (2012)

Looking at prior work that uses LED lights, fiber optics and Electroluminescent Wire (EL-wire) in fabric and/or clothing.

Heidi Kumao’s Audio-activated Dress


Audio-activated Dress–with Train and Marching Band from heidi kumao on Vimeo.

Light up flowers


Wind Sensitive LEDs

maybe the lights don’t need to be invisible behind fabric, maybe they could be more like this:

Moritz Waldmeier’s work

Video Dresses

Take That’s LED Jackets

Moritz Waldemeyer’s Portrait in ARTE/SWR/ARD (German)

LED Glowsuit

Light-Choreographed Ballet Costume

LED balloon dress and glove

Voice Following Dress

Pas De Bleu Trailer

3 LED dresses

Lighting Choreographer

Lighting Choreographer – concept and system description – from drpopeye on Vimeo.

Maker Faire 2011 – Erik Johnson – LED Suit

Fiber-optic illuminated clothing


Vega Wang

Phillips mood Dress

Moon Berlin

Climate Dress