Push Button

Push Button is an inter-district game that involves pushing buttons and increasing scores. Buttons are mounted in different districts and every time a button is pushed, the number associated with the area it is located in increases by one. This number is displayed on a screen that is mounted in sight of the button, as well as here on this website. Current numbers from all locations are displayed on each screen.

While Push Button is intended for installation in public space, it is currently installed as a prototype at the MIT Media Lab in buildings E14 & E15.

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This work was created by Friedrich Kirschner and Hannah Perner-Wilson. It was developed during the Spring 2010 course titled Dialogues in Public Space lead by Antonio Muntadas of the MIT Visual Arts Program. It was supported by the MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech research group and funded (in part) by a Director’s Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.