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The Tool I Want (2017)

During a one-month residency at Amit’s Hybrid Craft Lab in 2017, I started to develop an idea for the tool I want. A tool that will help me blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, between materials of different origins…


Tool sketches


– becoming with the machine
– wearable tool
– making music
– performing process

Mobile mask maker

Various sensors costume

Salt water sensing on body

Glove palmGlove back of hand

Related Work

A Wearable Studio Practice


Make Tools, Not Parts

ohmHooks, Tools for E-Textile Techniques…

Tools We Want



Arduino + Tool, Tool + Jewelry

ATtiny Programming Jewelry Collection

using cnc machine to work with specific materials, around material properties, not uniform “raw” materials….
Perforated circuitboard – milling away copper traces and around and in between holes…

ATtiny boards >>

ATtiny programming shield >>

Dave’s ATtiny programming adaptor

Tiny AVR programmer >>

ATtiny segment display >>

Becoming with the Machine…

Dimitri’s tattooed score

Finger Knitting

Fingernail Strippers

Fingertip Measurements

Being the Machine: Reconfiguring Agency and Control in Hybrid Fabrication by Laura Devendorf and Kimiko Ryokai


Organs without Bodies – Gilles Deleuze “Becoming-machine” by Slavoj Zizek

“The machinic prothesis will be less an external apparatus with whom we interact, and more part of our direct self-experience as a living organism – thus decentering us from within.”
“…Dennett’s insistence on how tools – externalized intelligence on which humans rely – are an inherent part of human identity (it is meaningless to imagine a human being as a biological entity WITHOUT the complex network of his/her tools…”

Wearable Tools

“Jewelry” Tools

3D printed breadboard pendant by Felix Klee:


Leather Tailors Gauntlet

Steampunk tool gauntlets and wearables

Rachel’s breadboard wristband

Breadboard bracelet / pincushion breadboard

Tech gauntlet –> cyborg…


Irene’s Tooling >>

Pressure Probe








m&t >>

Knitting needle connection

Knitting needle connection

Knitting needle connection

Knitting needle connection