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Library of Missing Parts (2018)

The Library of Missing Parts is an ongoing and ever-expanding effort to represent real-world phenomena in a symbolic language compatible with the flow of electricity.

The field of electronics sorely lacks symbolic representations for some of the most relevant parts of any electronic circuit. These missing parts include humans, animals, nature and the built environment – including all objects and artifacts that make up the everyday reality of our lives and the circuits that inhabit it.

This lack of common symbols to represent the full spectrum of inter-dependencies in which each electronic circuit is embedded has lead electrical engineering to develop an extremely narrow perspective. As a result, the electronic devices in our lives are becoming less and less nuanced, more and more bland.

The Library of Missing Parts calls upon everybody working with electricity to make an effort to counteract this lack of context in their field/tool-set. Whoever you are, please consider contributing to this library be designing symbols for all items that play a role in the electronics you make or use. If you are an electrical engineer please consider incorporating the following symbols into your schematics.

You can download the MISSING PARTS KiCad Library from the following GitHub repository*:
>> *unfortunately this KiCad library does not exist yet, please contact me ( if you would like to help build this library of footprints and schematic symbols.

Thank You!

Time's Up schematic

References to work that inspires me for this project:

Daniel Martin Diaz

Lawrence Wiener