Animationen: Weiterfahren | Strecken Netz | Zweibeiner | Video

Attitude towards Public Mobility

Sitting staring out windows while travelling distances, walking alongside roads, driving paying attention to traffic. If we reduce the scenery, full of shapes and content, and focus on our own speed, our capability and the technologies we‘ve produced to get from A to B. What happens along the way?

Time to engage in our surroundings

A set of three interactive visualisations intend to arouse interest and a more thoughtful mobility. They can be seen as illustrations, wishing to raise conversation and interaction in the act of being mobile.

Conceived to be shown on the increasing number screens emerging in public transport stations, bus stops, alongside the pavement, waiting rooms and restrooms, parks, librarys,...

These interactive applets run in real-time so that they can be connected to live data such as the passing of pedestrians or current traffic statistics. They were created using Processing.

Transport and communication

Our actions within public spaces today no longer seize the opportunity to communicate and interact, instead we consume and commute. Although public space offers us this chance to share, debate and reflect our opinions and ideas, only few of us do thus public space has become an anonymous space where we distance ourselves from our surrounding. Our homes are much more comfortable platforms from which to immerse in public debate and social interaction via the internet and various digital media. These new forms of communication are replacing „The Street“ as an opportunity to communicate.

- Where have all the physical spaces gone that create opportunities to take a break, to sit back, reflect and concentrate on deliberately digesting information? Where do we find time to engage in our surroundings?

- Can "The Street" be retransformed into a place for discussion and initiative similar to that on the internet?

- Can we influence our awareness of public space so that we approach our surroundings differently?

- Is it possible to revive the mobile individual's perception of transportation? How do we experiance mobility, transit and trafic in a context beyond of blind use? Might it be possible to refresh our view on public space in this context?

Dashing-by (Weiterfahren)

Standing still makes movement possible.

You can influence the speed of the scenery passing by if you move your cursor back and forth within the space below. The faster you move the slower the scenery rushes by

Ways (Streckennetz)

By clicking the space below you'll create the beginning of a path that will then continue on its own

Speed (Zweibeiner)

Time and effort are dissapearing, everything is one click away. What has become of the human pace?

With every click in the below space you generate a new twolegged creature that takes its own time to cross the screen