Cows in the field (2006)

Using electric shock for interaction.

This piece was first made as decoration for a party with an Austrian theme. Cows and electric fences are both typical Austrian things to me and this installation presents nostalgic Austrian childhood memories to be experienced again. A real electric fence is set up in front of the projection of cows strolling across the field. If the user touches the fence and receives a shock this is measured by a sensor and causes the visuals to change.


– energizer (7500 volt pulses that do not harm humans)
– 4 fence posts and stands
– 2×3 meters of fake or real green grass
– a/d converter (works as antenni/sensor)
– java applet that visually reacts to sensor input (programmed in processing)
– pc or mac computer that runs java
– projector
– ground (electrical connection)

Pictures on Flickr

COWSinTHEfield was possible thanks to the patient help with measuring impulses from Laurent Mignonneau, the loan of a High Voltage Probe from LeCroy Austria and for the use of Austrian landscape photography thanks to Flickr users and my family