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Tools for E-Textile Techniques (2011)

A set of tools designed to support a variety of E-Textile techniques such as sewing, knitting and crocheting with conductive threads and yarns. As ambassadors of process, and storytellers of trade, tools have much to say of how we create the things we make. By imagining, creating and using tools designed specifically for the interdisciplinary practice of Electronic Textiles, it should be possible to tell new stories about a new trade.

Seam Ripping Continuity Meter

This seam-ripper has a continuity meter built in. An LED lights up to indicate when an unwanted electrical connection is made between the tip of the seam-ripper and the part of the circuit that you wish to disconnect from. An alligator clip can be connected to different parts of the circuit, so that you can decide where to measure for unwanted continuity. The LED is powered by a 3V coin cell battery. The brighter the light, the less electrical resistance.

Make your own >> http://www.instructables.com/id/Seam-Ripping-Continuity-Meter/


Vibrating Crochet Hook (Continuity Meter)

This vibrating crochet hook can be used to measure the resistance of a crochet stretch sensor while it is being made. Continuity and resistance can be measured while the sensor is being crocheted. The vibration motor is powered by a 3V coin cell battery. The less resistance, the stronger the crochet needle will vibrate.

Make your own >> http://www.instructables.com/id/Vibrating-Crochet-Hook/


Breadboard Pincushion

This pincushion design has strips of conductive fabric adhered to its surface, so that metal pins or component contacts that protrude through the same piece of conductive fabric are electrically connected. This cushion can be used for prototyping electrical circuits as well as for string pins, needles and components.

Make your own >> http://www.instructables.com/id/Breadbaord-Pincushion/

Version for microcontrollers